How to use the Wurlitzer MediaPlayer?

For what media can I use the mediaplayer?

You can use the mediaplayer for playing MP3 files on your system, and local videos (FLV of MP4). In the menu on the jukebox screen you can turn on/off some features:
  • Bubbles x On/Off start or stop the bubbles in the jukebox
  • Caroussel On/Off when MP3's are played the caroussel is used to change CDs
  • Coins-Op On/Off if you like to use your jukebox with money, you can turn this on or off
  • Lights x On/Off Lights in the jukebox are on or off
When you want to change the size of the jukebox, use the slider bar on top of the mediaplayer.

In the context menu (right click) you can use the menu that is specific for the panel (for example add items to playlist on Albums, Videos and MediaLibrary panel).

A nice purpose to use the mediaplayer for is on a party at home with your computer turned into a nice mediaplayer that will attract the attention of your visitors.

How can I use the playlist?

You can add albums or videos to the playlist with the context menu (right click) and choose Playlist -> Add items to playlist in the panel where you want to add the items. You can also delete items from the playlist with the context menu (right click) and choose Playlist -> Delete items from playlist, select the items you want to delete in the playlist panel.
When you use the number console, you can add album/tracks to the playlist from the album panel like this:
- three digits for album number and three digits for track number, for example
001001 selects album 001 and track 001, 001000 selects album 001 and all tracks of album 001

How can I save or open a playlist?

When you want to create your own playlists, you can save the items in the playlist with right click -> Playlist -> Save playlist. Select a folder and choose a filename that ends with .xml.
When you want to load a saved playlist, you can load the items in the playlist with right click -> Playlist -> Open playlist. Select a folder and choose the filename of the playlist you want to load.

How can I use the videos?

You can add the videos to the playlist or when you double-click on a video play the video.

How can I use the medialibrary?

In the medialibrary you can see all the media that is in the MediaPlayer database. You can add local (music/video) files to the MediaLibrary. You can delete items from the medialibrary in the context menu with (right click -> MediaLibrary -> Delete items from MediaLibrary). When you double-click on an item, the mediaplayer will start to play the item. The mediaplayer is leading when you continue playing your songs or videos.

How can I add files?

In the add files panel you can add files from your local system, choose MP3 or video (FLV or MP4) first, when you have selected a folder, you can add the files to the medialibrary. You can also drag a folder or multiple files to the File panel instead of selecting a folder. Files you want to delete from the selection you can delete with the Del button. When you have added new albums to the medialibrary, you can search for covers in the Albums panel with the Search covers button.

How can I use the credits function?

When you use the coins-op in the menu, you can play an album/track, when you have enough credits (>0) to use the MediaPlayer. It is easy to collect coins for the jukebox, just use the wallet (press on the bottom left). Throw your coins in the jukebox and you will have credits to play your music or video. When a song has finished, the credits are decreased by 1.

Which function keys can I use?

  • F1 - Go to this help page
  • F2 - Previous song/video in playlist or medialibrary
  • F3 - Next song/video in playlist or medialibrary
  • F5 - Refresh view
  • F6 - First song/video in playlist or medialibrary
  • F7 - Last song/video in playlist or medialibrary
  • F9 - Change item in medialibrary
  • F10 - Show (top)menu
  • Delete - Delete items from playlist, album or medialibrary
  • Insert - Insert items from album, video or medialibrary to playlist

Where can I order the mediaplayer?

The Wurlitzer MediaPlayer is a trial version for 30 days, if you like my mediaplayer, you can buy a license. Click on the Buy button in the startup window and you will go to my website where you can click on the Paypal button. When I have received your payment, I will send a License key to your email address, which you can (exactly) fill in on the startup window. When you finish this, press the Validate License button and you're ready to use my Wurlitzer MediaPlayer! You will then be able to download and install future updates of the mediaplayer.
You can order the mediaplayer by clicking on the Buy button when you have the trial version of the mediaplayer. You can use the Wurlitzer MediaPlayer on Windows 7, 8 and 10.

Where can I find the latest version of the mediaplayer?

On my site

Where can I get information?

If you have any questions about the Wurlitzer MediaPlayer, you can mail me