The Wurlitzer MediaPlayer

Wurlitzer 1015 OMT

Buy the Wurlitzer MediaPlayer

The Wurlitzer MediaPlayer is a thirty-day trial version and works on Windows 7, 8, 10 and 11.
You can buy the Wurlitzer MediaPlayer on PayPal here:

Get a free license for the Wurlitzer MediaPlayer

The Wurlitzer MediaPlayer license is for free now because I stopped the development and would like to share my jukebox with the people who love it. Send me an email and get a free license. Feel free to donate with Paypal to buy my jukebox.

Download the software package

You can download the complete Wurlitzer Mediaplayer software package here:

Download the installation files

Or you can download the installation files in these two steps:
First step: download and install the Adobe AIR runtime for Windows here:
Next step: download the Wurlitzer MediaPlayer here:
Doubleclick on the downloaded Wurlitzer.air file and install the Wurlitzer MediaPlayer
You can now add your own music files on the Add files tab

Backgrounds for the Wurlitzer MediaPlayer

You can download some other background images for the Wurlitzer MediaPlayer here:

Versions of the Wurlitzer MediaPlayer

Changes in v2.2 (Build: 20210313):

  • Bug contextmenu fixed
  • Maximum window size and width not fixed anymore
Changes in v2.1 (Build: 20210302):
  • Bug fixed when one album is added for the first time and fixed some other minor bugs
Changes in v2.0 (Build: 20201228):
  • Youtube videos no longer supported
  • Minor changes for the new download website page
Changes in v1.5:
  • Fixed some minor bugs
  • Problems with crash while adding files solved