The Wurlitzer MediaPlayer


Play your music and videos with a real Wurlitzer 1015 One More Time

Here you find information about the Wurlitzer MediaPlayer. This jukebox is made and animated with Adobe Flash Builder ® and Adobe AIR ®
and you can load your own MP3 and Flash video files into the jukebox that works like the real Wurlitzer 1015 One More Time.
This is the only animated Wurlitzer 1015 One More Time jukebox you can find on the internet and it plays like a
real Wurlitzer! It took me years to build this version and it was real fun to create this jukebox. Let me know
if you like it and start your music party with The Wurlitzer MediaPlayer.

=+=+= Cheers, Alain Raap =+=+=

My new Wurlitzer MediaPlayer is available now!

I have been working on a new desktop version based on the Wurlitzer 1015 One More Time CD.
The mediaplayer can play music and video, you can also play your favorite songs or put your (own) playlist in the jukebox.

Where and how to download or buy the Wurlitzer MediaPlayer

The mediaplayer has been tested on Windows 7, 8 and 10.
Download and install the latest version from this page, you can use the trial version for 30 days.
After purchasing my Wurlitzer MediaPlayer I'll send you a license key for the jukebox.

The Youtube Player isn't supported anymore, it's not possible to play Youtube videos with the mediaplayer anymore.

If you want to disable the automated update of Adobe AIR you can download and install the Adobe AIR Settings Manager here:

Download and install my latest version of the Wurlitzer MediaPlayer (v2.2)

First step: download and install the Adobe AIR runtime for Windows here:

You have to download and install the Adobe AIR runtime for Windows first or the Wurlitzer MediaPlayer will not install!

Next step: download the Wurlitzer MediaPlayer here:

Doubleclick on the Wurlitzer.air file and install the Wurlitzer MediaPlayer
You can now add your own music files on the Add files tab

You can download some other background images for the Wurlitzer MediaPlayer here:

Changes in v2.2 (Build: 20210313):
  • Bug contextmenu fixed
  • Maximum window size and width not fixed anymore
Changes in v2.1 (Build: 20210302):
  • Bug fixed when one album is added for the first time and fixed some other minor bugs
Changes in v2.0 (Build: 20201228):
  • Youtube videos no longer supported
  • Minor changes for the new download website page
Changes in v1.5:
  • Fixed some minor bugs
  • Problems with crash while adding files solved

Buy the Wurlitzer MediaPlayer

Demo of the Wurlitzer MediaPlayer

Watch the demo videos of the Wurlitzer Mediaplayer on Youtube

What can you do with the Wurlitzer MediaPlayer?

Questions about the Wurlitzer MediaPlayer?

  • If you have any questions about the Wurlitzer MediaPlayer, you can mail me

Load a playlist to play your music and videos

Add and play favorite albums in the jukebox

Play your local videos in the jukebox

Throw your coins in the coins-operator, enjoy the lights, bubbles and the animated CD player

Collect your own videos from the internet or from your local disk

Play, remove or add files to the Medialibrary

Add your local music and videos to the Medialibrary

Choose your own background image for the mediaplayer

Maximum screen possibility (here 1920 x 1080)